Diving deeper into love

 Allowing oneself to feel the various emotions that may arise as a result of being within a love relationship. Letting them pass through us, embracing and accepting them, both the positive and joyous ones as well as the more painful and darker ones. Allowing what is to just be.

Sometimes in our love relationships we would prefer to only feel and experience positive emotions… However, sometimes it is our ability to fully feel the negative emotions that a relationship brings up for us that allows us to fully open our heart.

We believe that somebody just broke our heart by their actions while all they did is show us where our wound and pain already were so that we can become aware of them and then have the opportunity to heal them. 

46 x 56 cm - Acrylic on linen canvas

  • Blending of the fields

    Blending of the fields... The two become three... become one...

  • Sacred healing cavern with guardian by Noelie Ceyral

    Sacred healing cavern with guardian... :-) Portal to other planes of existence...

  • Exploring the depth of the soul

    Exploring the depth of the soul... Knowing thyself...

  • Diving deeper into love by Noelie Ceyral

    Diving deeper into love

  • Jumping into the unknown by Noelie Ceyral

    Jumping into the unknown

  • Getting back into the flow by Noelie Ceyral

    Getting back into the flow

  • Timeline reset code

    Timeline reset code

  • From rigidity to fluidity by Noëlie Ceyral

    From rigidity to fluidity...

  • Inspire me! by Noëlie Ceyral_painter in Bordeaux

    Inspire me!

  • Who cares

     Who cares?

  • Staying within my pillar of peace

     Staying within my pillar of peace as the storm goes by

  • Opening up to love and to life

     Opening up to love and to life

  • Blending... Loving...

     Blending... Loving... Joyfully and happily co-creating...

  • Water... fluidity... travelling through space and time

    Water... Fluidity... Travelling through space and time...

Noëlie is a French artist who currently lives in Bordeaux. She is self-taught and developped her own style through experimenting with colours, textures and forms. She started experimenting with oil painting around 2004 and then acrylic in 2015. She is also a life coach as well as an intuitive & spiritual healer and enjoys to share her own personal healing journey and insights through her paintings.

If you have any questions, you can contact Noëlie on +33 (0) 6 42 91 61 21

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NoelieCeyralArtist

Instagram: www.instagram.com/noelieceyralartist


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