Stag wisdom

This painting was a study for a larger painting I had in mind.

I love stags. The stag was the first animal to come to me in a meditation. After that, I’ve had various other animals coming to me either in meditation or as visions, but the stag still remains a very important and recurrent animal for me.

To me, it represents the divine masculine (the healed masculine as opposed to the fragmented and wounded masculine). It is a really majestic animal that represents strength, courage, power, protection but also a safe and strong grounding. It provides a strong foundation from which we can grow, evolve and expand.

I find it interesting that its horns, which are made of bones but look like wood, are going upwards, contrary to trees which have roots going down into the earth. It feels to me that the stag, which helps create a strong foundation on the physical plane, also helps to create and develop a stronger connection with the spiritual realm. The more grounded and whole we are, the better we can connect to spirit, to the divine and to source.

Also, the more we integrate both our feminine and masculine aspects and heal what needs to be healed in both of these aspects within ourselves, the more connected and whole we can be.

Acrylic on fine art paper 400mg /m2 – 25 x 35 cm

October 2020 - © Noëlie Ceyral

Original artwork: 350 €

* If you would like to purchase this artwork, please contact Noëlie on (+33) 06 42 91 61 21 or on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.