About Noëlie 

I started my own spiritual and healing journey in 2009 when I left London and my Public Relations Consultant job to go traveling for a year in Asia. 

During that trip through Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, I was introduced to various healing modalities as well as yoga and meditation and was fascinated with what these modalities could shift in my own personal life.

So, I embarked on a deeply transformational and healing journey through which I explored what spirituality meant to me and re-assessed what was important for me to create in my own personal life and how to best create it. 

I read books, listened to conferences, participated in meditations, took various courses, talked to people and experimented with various paradigms, healing modalities and spiritual teachings.I learned how to balance my own energies, take care of my emotions and heal my physical, emotional and mental bodies as well as my spirit. I also learned the power of our thoughts and how they can direct the reality that we are experiencing, and thus learned the importance of being mindful with my own words and thoughts.

In 2012, I felt very drawn to Life Coaching which became more and more evident as a life path for me to follow. That year was also a particularly difficult and challenging one for me though it was also an excellent teacher in so many ways. I went through illness at the beginning of that year that did not allow me to work and so I had to drop a lot of mental structures (you know the kind of thoughts and sentences that begin with “I have to…” and “I should…”) and learn how to truly follow my inner guidance and what my soul wanted me to focus on at that particular moment (which was definitely not what my social self felt it had to follow or what family members and friends thought would be best for me to follow).

It was quite a difficult time for the ego that was being dismantled but such a great gift to the soul that was being reconnected on so many levels! 

I also learned some beautiful lessons in self-love, self-respect, self-care and discernment throughout that year and witnessed the most beautiful and unexpected healings within some of my closest relationships.

This is how I learned that everything you truly want to create is really possible, every situation can always be shifted no matter how unlikely it might seem at the time and the most unexpected healings do occur even when you might have thought for the whole of your life that this was totally impossible… and most importantly all shifts come from within. 


When we start shifting ourselves, changing our habits, behaviours and ways of thinking, what we do is that we project that change into our reality, allowing the people around us to interact with ourselves in a different way as well as making space for new people, new projects and new ideas that are much more fulfilling to our true self/ our soul.



Some of the things I learned through my inner journey & exploration:


to be more at peace with myself

to be more loving and compassionate with myself and others

to take care of my emotions and listen to the messages hidden behind them

to listen to and act from my heart rather than from my mind

to centre myself and to connect to my inner guidance/ my soul

to deal with anxiety and stress so that they do not affect me as they once did

how shifting our thoughts can truly change our life

I learned and experienced the power of love in healing the mind, body and spirit


Some more about me:

-          I lived in Peru for one year when I was 18 and had the opportunity to travel in most of Peru as well as some parts of Bolivia and Chile during that year. This was my first big transformational experience as I learned a new language and discovered a totally different culture by living in a Peruvian family and going to school in a foreign country.

-          I studied mandarin for 3 years as part of my International business and translation degree and also studied one month at the University of Economics and Finance in Beijing. I loved studying Chinese because of its logic and enjoyed so much learning how to write it, because it felt like drawing.

-          I worked for 5 years as a Freelance PR consultant while living in London. One of my preferred PR role was looking after high-end restaurants and organizing launch events. It was a lot of fun. I met amazing people and learned a lot.


Training :

 “Martha Beck Life Coach Training” (Jan-Sep 2013). Dr. Martha Beck is a Life Coaching expert, bestselling author, monthly columnist for “O, The Oprah Magazine” and has appeared on the Oprah Show.

2011 - EFT level 1 &2 with Dawson Church, author of the book “The genie in your genes”.

2010 - Reiki Master Teacher