“My passion is finding out what is happening with you, what makes you tick, what are your passions, your dreams & helping you release whatever is blocking you from moving forward and creating a life that is truly satisfying to you”

What is life coaching ?

Coaching helps identify and clarify what it is that you want to create in your life (whether it is a new job/ career, more fulfilling relationships, more time for yourself, spiritual growth, etc… ) as well as the steps that you need to take in order to create it.

It is a creative process where values and beliefs are being questioned and re-assessed in order to see if they are aligned with what you truly want to create.

Coaching creates a safe and sacred environment where you can truly be yourself and explore your deepest desires.

Coaching seeks to align you with your essential self (your soul) so that you can follow a path that is bringing you great joy and satisfaction.

It seeks solutions and explores what can be implemented in order to bring the shifts that you are looking for.

It sheds light on what is blocking you and not letting you move forward with your life.

Coaching is non-judgmental.

It focuses on the future and as a result can assist to change attitudes resulting from past experiences.


Coaching with Noëlie 

  • I help you identify and clarify what it is that you want to create in your life and how best to achieve it.
  • I use my intuitive gifts in order to spot what is creating problems and is in the way of your growth and personal development.
  • I work with you in order to dissolve any emotional, mental or spiritual blocks as well as fears, negative or limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you creating your ideal life.
  • I guide you through self-inquiry so that you can make decisions that are aligned with your true self/ your soul.
  • I help you connect to your inner wisdom and find out what is truly aligned with you and brings you most joy, happiness and fulfillment in any given moment.
  •  I use various mind-body tools as well as visualizations, meditations and other coaching tools depending on what feels most relevant at the time and depending on the coaching formula you choose.
  • All our conversations are confidential.


Sessions are carried out over the telephone or over skype.  In-person sessions are available in Bordeaux, France. 

It is important for you to be in a quiet and private space for the duration of the session in order to experience maximum benefit from our exchange, to be able to express yourself without restraint and to allow any emotions to come through should they need to. 

I recommend my clients a minimum of 5 to 10 sessions in order to see more significant changes, go more in depth in the work and get more results.The spacing of sessions depends on each person, on the coaching formula chosen as well as on the issues you want to resolve and work on.

Sessions are available in English, French and Spanish.


Investment & type of session

Basic coaching session

These sessions help you gain more clarity on your situation and understand what is causing the problems and blocks you are experiencing. The solutions we are finding together in these exchanges are very practical, efficient, quick and easy-to-apply. You also acquire a better understanding of your own self and of the patterns that are problematic to you. Together, we explore how to better your life and how to put into place the changes that you deem necessary in order to create a more satisfying life and/ or reach your objectives. No energy therapy is used during these sessions. The only tool used is talk. This helps identify unconscious patterns as well as fears, negative emotions and beliefs, blocks, etc… and transform them if they are not too deeply rooted (and connected to ancient traumas that are buried at the deepest core of your being – in which case energy coaching sessions are more suited)


30 mins session: 45 Euros

1 h session: 75 Euros

1 h 30 session: 110 Euros


Energy coaching session

Energy coaching sessions work on a deeper level. During these sessions, techniques that work on the emotional component of the problems are used in order to release deeper rooted blockages, heal from old traumas and change  deeply rooted patterns created as a result of these traumas.

These sessions also include more practical solutions when this is needed. Thus, they are more complete as they include all of the solutions included in the basic coaching formula as well as work on the emotional/ energetic side of things. Deep changes are usually observed in all life areas as a result of these sessions.

Techniques used include EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), work on the inner child, shadow healing, meditations, visualizations and various other mind-body tools that allow to work on traumas and release energetic blocks as wells as mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. These also enable a reconnection to one’s deeper self and a realignment with who you truly are as you gain a better understanding of all the different parts of yourself that finally emerge back from the unconscious to now be an integral part of your being.

Techniques that are being used vary depending on the person and on the issues that you are working on. Sessions are never the same. During these sessions, you also learn how to use the tools that I am using with you so that you can become self-sufficient and work on yourself in between sessions.


1h session: 95 Euro

1h30 session: 130 Euros

Half-day – 3h30 of coaching (includes a 15 to 20 mins break): 280 Euros


For more information about my coaching services or to book a session, please get in touch by emailing me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Appreciation Notes:

Noelie is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. She has a real gift that enables her to intuitively know what I need to focus on and she also knows how to help move obstacles out of the way to enable me to move forward with my life. She is easy to talk to and always makes me feel comfortable and safe during our sessions which means I can share anything with her and know that it will be dealt with in a kind and sensitive way. After the sessions I always felt lighter and happier and able to face life's challenges. She is also patient and understands that dealing with some issues take time and will make sure that I have enough time and space to move forward at my own pace. My life has definitely improved since I started working with Noelie and I look forward to all our sessions.

I would definitely recommend Noelie to anyone who wants to find a coach, she definitely stands out for me as someone who has more to offer than your average coach because of her intuitive ability to focus on the right things.

Alison Moncrieff, Hilversum, Holland


“Noëlie, thank you so much for your guidance.  You provided a safe space where I felt comfortable and was confident in your abilities.  Your knowledge and experience helped to guide me in releasing a well entrenched block, that was holding me back from being the person I wanted to be.  After our work together I felt an opening and could feel a falling away of the old habit.  I am very grateful for your help and friendship.  I have benefited greatly from our work together.


Cindy Thompson, Sausalito, California, USA”


“Noëlie, with your help, I was able to shine a light on a topic I was trying to get a hold on for almost half a year. Since the realization that it was just a fear of losing myself, my ego self to be exact, I am able to open up and show myself more fully again. I had some interesting dreams after our session and I just removed a lot of the clutter in my house. ;-) I am also more curious about everything again and can focus better on my projects again. It seems to me that the not knowing of where the fear did come from was distracting me a lot. Because I was searching inside myself but did not find it.

Martin Teich, Berlin, Germany”