The energy of the coronavirus and how to best deal with it in order to strengthen your immune system and co-create healing for all


As so many countries are now being affected by the coronavirus and that we have already been in confinement here in France for almost a week, I’m looking here into the energy of this virus and the thoughts, emotions and  behaviours it is triggering in people. Here I am sharing my thoughts on this subject as well as on how to best deal with it in order to strengthen your immune system rather than let this energy dictate your behavior, emotions and how you interact with others.  

My understanding, from a purely energetic point of view, is that the more we engage in the energy of the coronavirus, the more we are likely to catch it and the more we amplify this worldwide pandemic. On the other hand, the more we engage in its opposite energy, the less likely we are to catch it and/ or be seriously infected with it (meaning having to be hospitalized) and the more we participate in co-creating healing for all.

14 September 2017

Conditional versus unconditional love


Conditional love says : « I love you if you are as I want and need you to be. If you are not, then I will withdraw my love from you/ love will not be granted to you”. Being loved conditionally is felt as a contraction in the body rather than as an expansion as it limits the expression of the self. It doesn’t allow us to fully grow and expand into who we truly are. This form of love asks us to conform to another person’s expectation of who we should be or how we should behave according to them and to their own standards.

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